Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s Slick Dungeon and I am your friend to the end! I’m back to review another horror film. In between watching Universal Monster movies, I have been revisiting some of my favorite horror flicks from one of the greatest decades of horror, the 1980’s.

There have been plenty of movies, television shows, and books made about killers. Same goes for stories about evil dolls of one kind or another. But for my money, the king of the killer dolls will always be Chucky from the Child’s Play film franchise. This is an older movie at this point but I will still mention that there will be spoilers below. Don’t let your doll face melt over it. If you want to watch the movie first and then come back for the review, go for it.

Chucky is pretty well known for making silly one liners and then, you know, killing someone in an inventive way. But before all of that, he was a bad guy who had learned how to transfer his soul into another body. The start of the film has a serial killer and all around bad guy end up in a toy store surrounded by “Good Guy” dolls that looked a lot like the My Buddy dolls that were popular at the time. This killer has been shot by a policeman and is about to die and he does what anyone would do, transfers his essence to a doll, because, well, I guess he can?

Anyway, the main story revolves around a six year old boy named Andy. He wants a Good Guy doll more than anything else in the world for his birthday. Guess which one he ends up with? Yep, the one with the evil serial killer’s soul trapped inside of it. Pretty soon the doll is slashing people to death left and right and only Andy realizes the horrifying truth.

For my money, I always think Chucky is at his creepiest before he starts killing people. That doll just has a weird vibe and is way to big for a normal doll. Scary dolls never have freaked me out like they do some people but I can see why people who don’t like creepy dolls get freaked out by this movie.

This is a better movie than most people who have never seen it think it is. If you ignore the magical circumstances of how Chucky comes to life, it’s a pretty decent slasher film. And Chucky has the distinct advantage that no one will suspect a child’s toy of doing murder. The movie goes along with people not believing in Chucky as a killer until they seem him do it up close. I think this first entry is probably the best in the series and if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. Most of it still holds up and the end is ambiguous enough that sequels make sense. If you need something to watch this Halloween, Chucky’s got you covered.

Horrifically yours,

Slick Dungeon


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