Happy Halloween everyone! Slick Dungeon here and today I am going to review a couple of horror films (what else?) for you today. First up, an independent film that is not afraid to embrace an independent plot, Sweet Taste of Souls.

There will be spoilers for this film but I will keep them on the mild side. Still, if you don’t want to know what happens before you watch the movie, you have been warned.

Sweet Taste of Souls is about a group of friends who are on the way to perform a gig in their band when they come across a pie shop that is much stranger than it seems. On the way to the gig, one of the band members gets hungry and wants to stop in a small secluded town in the woods. Probably not the best idea but who would know that right?

Anyway, this pie shop is quaint and has a series of photographs on the walls. They depict people in blank backgrounds and don’t seem to be especially creative. In one of them, a group of people have won a surf contest but they are wearing street clothes. This is obviously odd and the group of friends is a bit confused by it.

They go on their merry way thinking that everything is more or less fine when all of a sudden… they find themselves in one of the pictures. The rest of the film is them trying to figure out a way out of their predicament while the father of a missing girl is independently suspicious about things happening around the area.

I won’t say that everything entirely holds up here. There are moments that are not well explained and the whole idea of how the power of the photographs work is flexible at best. But I will say it’s a new and inventive twist overall on a group of friends goes missing story. The mood is generally menacing and creepy whenever they are in the pie shop and that keeps it fairly interesting.

There is also enough character back story here that it seems the filmmakers actually thought about who the characters were and how they might grow. I don’t think they hit the mark with all of them and I would also say that the end leaves a bit to be desired as far as explaining things but all in all it’s an enjoyable watch.

If you are looking for an independent horror film that is different than most of what you have seen, give this one a try. It won’t be the best movie you have ever seen but there is enough there to be entertaining to a horror fan.

Sweet Taste of Souls will be available on 11/1 on Amazon, InDemand, DirecTV, AT&T, FlixFling, Vudu & Fandango.

Horrifically yours,

Slick Dungeon


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