John Wick

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hey dungeon crawlers it’s me. Slick Dungeon, back to review another movie off of my movie challenge for the year. This challenge was to watch a movie that is all action and no plot. I chose John Wick. There will be mild spoilers for the movie so consider yourself and your dog warned.

Okay to be fair, there is a plot to this movie but it’s about as thin as you can get. Keanu Reeves plays the titular character who is an ex-assassin. He’s lost his wife, he loves his car, and he has a puppy. He loves that car and he loves that puppy. His car gets stolen, his puppy is killed and he is pissed about that. John Wick then goes on a rampage of killing bad guys. He kills so many I literally lost count. They’re all bad though and they are willing to kill a puppy so in movie terms, they get what is coming to them.

Other assassins come after him and there is a really cool idea with these coins these assassins use in a sort of no man’s land hotel. But of course our anti-hero is who we want to win because, well that dog was really cute.

The movie is a wild thrill ride and a ton of fun. Don’t let the thin plot idea here fool you, the action is smart and cool and makes the movie a blast. This is one of those movies to watch when you are just in the mood for some fun action and not a lot else. I’ve always believed there is a place for these kinds of movies in cinema and this one is totally worth it.

Plotlessly yours,

Slick Dungeon


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