Tales to Astonish Issue #30, Photo Credit: Marvel
Tales to Astonish Issue #30, Photo Credit: Marvel

Tales to Astonish is an anthology book and several characters make their debut for the 616 universe in the pages of these comics. In issue 30 there is a character appearance that will come to be important many years later. It is not The Thing From the Hidden Swamp. That Thing from the hidden swamp is not The Thing from the Fantastic Four either. The story we care about is also not the “Gorilla-man” who is shown on the cover either. Neither of those stories contributes to 616 in any way thus far.

The final story of the issue, the one we care about is called Quogg. This is an oddball story about a three-time loser who is a criminal. He is committing crimes somewhere near an African outpost. While looking for shelter he is told by the people of a native village he should not go past a fence in the jungle because Quogg lives there. The thief decides the perfect hideout would be behind that fence so he lies to the natives and tells them he won’t go in there. The next thing you know he is jumping the fence and sees a hut where he can take shelter. He builds some perimeter defenses and plans to live in the hut. Unfortunately for the thief, it turns out the horrible monster Quogg is the hut and the man is now trapped.

This story is almost completely irrelevant to 616 but Quogg will make a return way off in the future in Monsters Unleashed #3 in 2017. Until we get to that issue, you can forget about Quogg, he is not very important.

We are about to encounter a significant force in the Marvel 616 Universe though.

Next on the reading list is Incredible Hulk #1.

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