Hi there adventurers, it’s Slick Dungeon! Over the weekend Wizards of the Coast had their D&D Live 2020 event where they introduced the newest Dungeons & Dragons books, merchandise and overall nerdy glory. While the big reveal was the new campaign book coming out called Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frost Maiden a couple of other things were announced that I am actually more excited for.

In an earlier post I wrote about the cookbook coming out called Heroes’ Feast. I think this will be really fun and the recipes look like they will make a great activity to do with kids.

You can already pre-order this one but sadly it does not come out until October.

The next any age appropriate item was The Book of Holding. This is a journal with some pretty cool art on it that can be used for taking notes about your campaign or just writing your thoughts down.

This one is also available for pre-order but you only have to wait until August 4th for it to arrive. I’m not a huge fan of special journals or anything but if you love D&D this might be nice to put on the shelf.

The thing I am most excited about is the next book in the series for young adventurers called Beasts & Behomoths. This is the fifth book in a series meant to get younger readers interested in Dungeons & Dragons. This one is essentially a monster manual for kids. It should expand on the more unusual creatures found in the game and is a great addition if you already have any of the other books in the series, even if you have the other book about monsters Monsters & Creatures.

What I love about this whole series of books is that the focus is not so much on the stat blocks or mechanics of the game but rather the storytelling aspects of it. This is great for both younger players and people just learning to play. All the numbers in the regular rules can kind of get in the way, so having something like this is a lovely introduction to understand just how fun this game can be. Plus most of these run for between $9-$11 depending on the format you get them in. That’s a huge bargain compared to purchasing the core rule books that can run up to $50 a piece. If you play D&D with kids, I say, don’t worry about buying all those heavy books but you should totally get some of the ones in this series. That’s just my opinion of course but hey, even if you grab these and then get more into the other books, these are a neat little collection to have. To get the new book, you can pre-order it but you can’t get your hot little hands on it until October 20th. I’ll be waiting for my copy on the day, I promise you that.

I hope you are looking forward to this stuff as much as I am. Also, if you follow my blog for movies and books but not D&D stuff, not to worry, my next post will be Dungeons & Dragons free.

Excitedly yours,

Slick Dungeon

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