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A sweeping epic with an impending threat. The tension builds and the world feels fully realized but could use a little more action.


Ka Lem can take the form of any animal he knows. He chooses the form of a bear for first his soul form, and plans on taking the form of an elk afterward.

But the elk have disappeared, from the land and from his soul. No one can find them.

Unease fills everyone – the Wind People, the Stone People, and the Sea People.

And fires race across the eastern planes, despite the winter rains.

“A Wind Blown Torment” – the first book of a new dark epic fantasy trilogy – presents unique magic, fascinating characters, and a heart-stirring conflict.

Be sure to be on the outlook for the next books, “A Stone Strewn Clash” and “A Sea Washed Victory.”


3/5 Stars

There are three types of people in the world, the Wind people, the Stone people and the Sea people. They all have varying forms of magic. Wind people can change into animals, Sea people can take a water form and Stone people can make their skin as hard as rock. Ka Lem, one of the Wind people, has discovered a terrifying threat. He can no longer take the form of an Elk. Neither can any of the other Wind people. Ka Lem has to travel and consult with the Stone and Sea people to let them know of the threat he believes is out there. Something is killing entire species of animals for their own benefit. What does this mean? And can the threat be stopped before it is too late?

The tension in this book builds slowly, but ever presently. It does give a good sense that something bad is about to happen but there’s not a lot of revelation about what that might be. While I was able to keep track of the heroes of the book, it didn’t give me the best sense of what the villains were and what they might be trying to accomplish. That said, it kept my interest enough that I will definitely be reading the sequels to find out.

I loved the idea of nature under attack being what the threat is in this book. I also appreciated how gender is treated in this book. It’s very fluid and the whole idea of gender is restricting to the Stone people. I found that refreshing, especially in a fantasy setting. To me that’s one of the most fascinating parts of the book.

I did feel like the final conflict was a bit short lived and it left me wishing there were a little more to it, but then again, this is the first in a trilogy, so my guess is there will be more action in the next books.

If you love fantasy, and books where people come together to try and save the world, this one is definitely worth a read.

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