Who’s the man who is, umm… lots of men actually? Not Frankenstein, because that is just the guy who sewed up the parts. But Frankenstein’s monster is more like it! There’s been a ton of horror stories about humanity going too far in it’s pursuit of better living through science. But the best one, and the one that people are still remaking (Jurassic Park is pretty much Frankenstein but with dinosaurs) is and always will be Mary Shelley’s beloved classic Frankenstein.

While Boris Karloff made a career out of playing the monster, the book is a thousand times better than any filmed adaptation. But still, I dare you to think of anyone but Boris as a better monster.

Today you get Frankenstein’s monster horror!

What might come up out of the grave to horrify you tomorrow? I can’t say but it sure walks a lot!

Horrifically yours,

Slick Dungeon


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